Become a Locavore: 7 Reasons to Eat Local

7 Reasons to Eat Local

Is there anything better than strolling through a farmers market on a warm summer morning? My favorite memories of last summer are of my husband, daughter, and me walking through our local market, an almond milk latte in one hand the warm sun on my face. It was just…wonderful. The best part? Shopping local means […]

5 Reasons “Thin” Doesn’t Mean “Healthy”

A few months ago, I had a conversation that stuck with me long after it was over. After listening to a colleague detail his busy schedule, from four kids to a full time job and master’s program, I was curious. My instant and honest response was to look at him seriously and ask, “But…how do […]

Why I Take Whole Food Vitamins

I’ve been taking vitamins since I was a kid, and until recently, I loathed taking them. I know, I know, loathed is a bit dramatic, but it’s the best description I can come up with. Vitamins have never settled well in my stomach, and the taste seemed to last for hours. The result? I didn’t […]

Kid-Friendly Kale-Chia Smoothie (Recipe)

I don’t know about you, but it can be tough to get my daughter to eat her greens. Smoothies are just about the only way we can get veggies in her, so my husband or I make one for her nearly every day. This kid-friendly option contains orange, strawberry, kale and chia seeds and has […]