Stop the Madness! Let’s Focus on the Good We’re Doing with Our Health

I’ve been feeling a little down lately. Don’t worry—everything is fine, better than fine. Life is good. But I haven’t been able to keep up my fitness and eating like I usually do. And honestly, I’ve felt a little disappointed with myself. You see, I’m now 20 weeks pregnant. I’m getting backaches when I run […]

Postpartum Running: 6 Tips to Getting Back After Birth

  Welcoming my daughter was the happiest moment of my life. The weeks to follow were some of the hardest. Sleeping, eating, showering—all of these had to wait until my baby had her needs met. Exercising didn’t even come close to making the list of must-dos. Running was always in the back of my mind, […]

A Morning in the Life of a Freelance Working Mommy

Every wonder what life looks like for a working mom? Well, it’s something like this: — 11:00 p.m. (the night before) Toddler wakes up. 12:00 a.m. (the night before) After an hour of trying to get her back down, toddler still awake. Decide to take baby in bed with husband and me to go to […]

Slogging It Out: Sometimes You Just Have to Suffer Through It

Last summer, I competed in a half marathon race. I awoke early that morning, had my typical breakfast of avocado toast and coffee, and donned my racing gear. I gathered my running “fuel” of nutrition blocks and electrolyte drink. With my race number secured to the front left leg of my shorts, I got into […]