Become a Locavore: 7 Reasons to Eat Local

7 Reasons to Eat Local

Is there anything better than strolling through a farmers market on a warm summer morning? My favorite memories of last summer are of my husband, daughter, and me walking through our local market, an almond milk latte in one hand the warm sun on my face. It was just…wonderful. The best part? Shopping local means […]

4 Tips for Using a Standing Desk

Do you sit most of the day? Think about it: commuting, working at a desk, eating meals, watching television. It’s no wonder that adults typically spend more than half of their waking hours being sedentary—primarily from prolonged sitting. All that sitting is worse for you than you might realize. In fact, excessive sitting increases the […]

6 Tips for Treating a Headache with Aromatherapy

Growing up, I was plagued with headaches. My pain was so severe that, at one point, I missed 11 straight days of third grade—yes, third grade—because I could barely get out of bed. I went to specialists, tried some sort of “drops” that didn’t help in the slightest, and was finally put on naproxen sodium—at […]

10 of the Most Influential Books Ever (at Least to Me)

Being a mom means I don’t get time for a lot of things, but something I always try to make time for is reading. For me, it’s an escape into another world, a way to disconnect from all the happenings of the day. I’m currently working through the Harry Potter series for the very first time—yes, […]